Vitamin and Supplement review

The human body is a complex organism that requires a full complement of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal performance. When taken together in balanced amounts, these nutrients provide the foundation to living a long healthy life.

The world of nutritional supplements is a confusing landscape for most people. Arcane terminologies, metric measures and comparisons of individual nutrient formulations, leave most people scratching their heads in bewilderment. How does a milligram compare to a microgram? What is an international unit? Why do some products use mineral salts, while others use chilated minerals? What is a chilated mineral anyhow? How can a consumer make an informed choice?

The next time you are in a pharmacy or health food store, stop and watch how shoppers make their purchase decisions. Often, they will pick up the product, glance at the label and then pick up another to compare. Next, they may go to the individual nutrient supplements and investigate this avenue of choice. Often they end up simply walking away. Confused? You bet.

People often approach nutritional supplementation in a piece-meal fashion. Some take vitamin E to promote cardiovascular. Others use vitamin C or zinc to support healthy immune function. Many simply skip from one product to another, month after month, chasing the latest buzzword or “magic bullet” that has been flaunted in the media. This approach to choosing a nutritional supplement is just plain wrong. It runs counter to the most basic principles of optimal nutritional balance and completeness.

 Avoid nutritional fads and insist on balance, completeness and quality. Fresh is always best.