Understanding Seed Labels

What is the difference between certified organic, organically grown and untreated seeds? To help you navigate the different labelling terminology, we have put together some definitions below. 

There are 3 types of seed labels that you will see in the seed industry:

1. Certified Organic 

Seeds which are listed as certified organic have been grown to comply with the Australian Certified Organic standard, meaning that they are 100% organically grown from start to finish.  Our certified organic seeds have been supplied to us from certified organic growers and are clearly marked as certified organic.

To view a list of our certified organic seeds and our Australian Certificate of Compliance registered through the ACO, please click here.

Certified organic seeds can be both Australian grown or imported. 

2. Organically Grown

Seeds labelled as organically grown do not have the organic certification. These seeds are grown using organic practices however, the supplier has not undergone the process of becoming a certified organic producer.

For us at Australian Wheatgrass, all our seeds marked organic have been sourced from Australian farmers whose organic practices we trust, although we cannot be 100% certain.

3. Untreated

Seeds listed as untreated mean that the seed doesn’t have any chemical treatment on the seed surface. It does not mean that the seed is organic. These seeds are often imported and so it is difficult to know the farmers growing process.