The benefits of growing your own

Growing microgreens, such as wheatgrass and broccoli, is quick, easy and rewarding. Within 7-14 days, you will begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Why is growing wheatgrass and other microgreens so rewarding?

  • You know what’s in it and can be confident that it is pesticide and insecticide free.
  • It’s quick! Within 7-14 days you will have fully grown produce.
  • It’s easy to grow and won’t take up much room in your house.
  • It gives you a direct connection to the food you consume – no middleman!
  • It is sustainable and economical – no unnecessary packaging, no harmful toxins in the earth.
  • It is a great activity to teach children about green living, food production and the growing cycle.
  • It is good for your body and soul!