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Buckwheat seeds – Unhulled


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Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Sprouting Seeds

Contrary to its name, is in no way related to wheat. It is a completely gluten-free, highly nourishing power food that can be eaten instead of rice or porridge. Buckwheat is one of the best sources of high quality, easily digestible proteins, is great for digestion and is helpful in the management of diabetes by slowing glucose absorption. Being high in magnesium, buckwheat has been shown to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and lower the risk of developing high cholesterol.

Our buckwheat are unhulled and certified organic making them perfect for sprouting. They are 100% Australian grown, produced and packaged.

Buckwheat is a wonderfully versatile ingredient with a nutty flavour. The triangular seeds, known as buckwheat groats, are frequently made into flour for use in noodles, crepes and many gluten-free products on the market these days. For those practicing a raw food diet, raw buckwheat groats can be found in many recipes for things like cookies, cakes, crackers and other bread-like products.

Please note that we do not deliver any seeds/grain to Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

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