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Fresh Organic Wheatgrass


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4 Punnet Minimum Order Combine Any 4 Punnets of Microgreens or Sprouts

Fresh organic Wheatgrass Punnets 

Australian Wheatgrass is the freshest source of wheatgrass available, delivered to you as a living punnet. Our wheatgrass is of the highest quality and is grown organically, free of all pesticides and chemicals. One of the main benefits of living punnets of wheatgrass is that you can juice the grass as required, whilst the remainder stays fresh and continues to grow.

When you receive your wheatgrass punnets, they will be fully grown and ready for you to juice. Each punnet is 24cm x 16cm and will yield approximately three to four wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass is best stored in a cool, well ventilated area and ideally, in the refrigerator. Read more on how to care for your wheatgrass punnets.

Please be aware that we only deliver perishable items, such as living wheatgrass, to Sydney on Tuesday and Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan areas on Wednesday.

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