Coco Fibre




Coco Fibre Grow Media 

Coco Fibre is a growing media which is used to grow plants. Coco Fibre is pressed and dehydrated coconut fibre which has been broken down into small particles with a low percentage of fibres. With only 10 litres of water, it yields up to 35 litres of high quality organic coco fibre. It contains absolutely no additives or fertilisers which means you can be sure that whatever you put into it (ie. fertilisers, calcium nitrate etc.) is all you need to account for. It is completely natural and 100% organic.

Available in 2kg and 5kg bricks.  


2kg Coco Fibre         Add 10L water         Equals 35L of  Coco Fibre

You may want to break the brick down into halves or quarters and adjust the amount of water.

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