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  • organic-broccoli-sprout-seeds

Broccoli Seeds – Organic Sprouts


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Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

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We currently have 3 varieties of sprouting broccoli seeds, one is certified organic, the other is organic and the third untreated.

Broccoli Seeds – Certified Organic 
Variety: Green Sprouting
Germination: 90%
Purity: 99%
Origin: USA

Broccoli Seeds – Organic
Variety: Green Sprouting
Germination: 99%
Purity: 99%
Origin: Australian

Broccoli Seeds – Untreated
Variety: Green Sprouting
Germination: 92%
Purity: 99%
Origin: New Zealand

To understand the difference between certified organic, organic and untreated seeds, please click here

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