Growing microgreens, such as wheatgrass and broccoli, is quick, easy and rewarding. Within 12-14 days, you will begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

The wheatgrass kits on this page offer everything you need to start growing wheatgrass. All the kits on offer, from our basic kit to our complete kit, will allow you to start growing wheatgrass.

Why is growing wheatgrass and other microgreens so rewarding?
– You know what’s in it! Microgreens are grown completely naturally so you can be confident that it is pesticide and insecticide free.
– It’s quick! Within 12-14 days you will have fully grown wheatgrass ready to juice.
– It’s easy to grow and won’t take up much room in your house.
– It gives you a direct connection to the food you consume – no middleman!
– It is sustainable and economical – no unnecessary packaging, no harmful toxins in the earth.
– It is a great activity to teach children about green living, food production and the growing cycle.
– It is good for your body and soul!

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