How to Assemble The Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Written Instructions

Place one of the two auger bushings onto the end of the auger (spiral white piece) and insert this end first into the main body (clear tubular piece).

Insert a clear washer into the green cap, if one is not already in place, and then twist the green cap onto the main body. Tighten this with the included wrench until firm.

Place the small white cap on the end of the green cap and tighten firmly by hand. Again, be careful of over tightening.

Attach the fully assembled body to the base, making sure that the green locking knob on the side of the base is in the “release” position. Once you have pushed the body all the way into the base, turn the knob into the “locked” position to firmly secure the body. The knob should turn easily and should not be forced. If you feel you are putting force onto the knob, stop and make sure the body has been inserted all the way into the base.

Attach the base to the cabinet using the clamp provided. You might have to pre-tighten the clamp if you have cabinets that do not stick out very far. In this case, tighten the clamp until it barely fits in both the base and on your cabinet, then slide the clamp all the way into the base and tighten the rest of the way. The clamp has to be fully inserted into the base so that the handle will not hit the clamp as it is turned.

Attach the handle by tightening it onto the part of the auger that is sticking out near the clamp. Position the provided bucket with the mesh screen under the juice spout (hole above the clamp) and put a small bowl under the white end cap.

Tip: It is easier to clean the Healthy Juicer if it is cleaned directly after using the juicer.