Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts

New broccoli sprout study shows benefits carry into the offspring’s adulthood. Eating broccoli sprouts during pregnancy may provide your kids with life-long protection against cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of broccoli sprouts

-Broccoli packs a powerful punch to bladder cancer cells, according to new information from Ohio State University.

-Broccoli sprouts may bolster the body’s defences against heart disease and stroke.

-A study from Japan shows that 1 cup of broccoli sprouts a day for 1 week lowers bad cholesterol and increases good.

-Broccoli sprouts may be useful to protect retina? A study shows protection of retina in mice. Very technical.

-Broccoli sprouts may sooth airway inflammation.

-Sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts can help rejuvenate the immune system.

-Sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular problems.