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  • organic-buckwheat-kernels

Buckwheat Kernels for sprouting or milling


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  • Certified Organic
  • 90% Germination
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    Certified Organic Buckwheat Kernels for sprouting

    Contrary to its name, is in no way related to wheat. It is a completely gluten-free, highly nourishing power food that can be eaten instead of rice or porridge. Buckwheat is one of the best sources of high quality, easily digestible proteins.

    Buckwheat is a wonderfully versatile ingredient with a nutty flavour. The triangular seeds, known as buckwheat groats, are frequently made into flour for use in noodles, crepes and many gluten-free products on the market these days. For those practicing a raw food diet, raw buckwheat groats can be found in many recipes for things like cookies, cakes, crackers and other bread-like products. Our buckwheat kernels have a germination rate of 90% so they can be sprouted and eaten as a young sprout or microgreen

    Buckwheat Kernels

    Variety: Hulled

    Germination: 90%

    Purity: 99%

    Origin: China

    Certified Organic

    Please note that we do not deliver any seeds/grain to Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.