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Adzuki beans – Sprouting Seeds


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Adzuki Sprouting Seeds

Adzuki beans (Vigna angularis) are a largely undiscovered powerhouse of nutritional goodness. Common in Japanese cooking, these small red beans are a great source of protein, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc copper, manganese and B vitamins. As a high-potassium, low-sodium food they can help reduce blood pressure and act as a natural diuretic. If weight loss is your goal, then the adzuki bean is a fantastic choice as they are lower in calories than most other beans and due to their high content of soluble fibre, help to eliminate toxins and cholesterol from the body.

Adzuki beans are popular in Asian cooking and are often served with rice or turned into a paste and used in desserts. They have a nutty, sweet flavour and can be eaten in a variety of ways including in soups, curries, vege-burgers, dips or sprouted.

Please note that we do not deliver any seeds/grain to Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.